Research services: Reporting Solutions

We pride ourselves on the production of detailed, professional and insightful reports. We offer a flexible approach to reporting according to the level of insight our clients require from our team of experienced researchers.

Our solutions

From dashboards, infographics, written reports, PPT reports and face-to-face debriefs, we can provide a reporting solution that best suits your budget and the time available to your team internally to interrogate the research. We work closely with each client to deliver a reporting output that works for them.

We understand not all stakeholders will be researchers, so the importance of simple reporting is key. We’ll ensure the audience can understand what the research is saying through:

  • An executive summary – Comprising key findings for the wave
  • Headlines stating main findings – With sub headlines for other points of interest
  • Charting with logos & relevant colours –  Demonstrating key data point differences & changes over time
  • A template – With data headline updates each wave making it easy to track changes
  • Visual indicators –  To highlight where wave-on-wave differences are significant

A full report would typically chart data at aggregate level, and also among numerous sub-groups of interest. Analytical commentary would be provided throughout the report, and statistically significant results would be highlighted and commented upon wherever appropriate. Representative and illuminating verbatim comments from open-ended questions would be presented to compliment quantitative findings and bring the data to life.

A full report would conclude with a succinct explanation of the key insights alongside actionable recommendations for next steps linked to the objectives of the research. Alternatively, we can provide a concise highlights report charting data either at aggregate level or among a couple of key sub-groups, with statistically significant differences highlighted and an analytical overview provided.

Our reports can be complemented by a debrief from the lead researcher on the project either in person at a location of your choosing, or through a WebEx link (or similar).

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“We’ve worked with Dipsticks for many years now and have built a strong relationship. We’ve found the team at Dipsticks helpful, responsive and flexible. The research they’ve conducted for us has consistently been high quality and excellent value.”

Gideon Aroussi

Account Planner | Bray Leino