Research methods: Engagement Meter & Analyser

We’ve developed software that can test video and audio content online with a degree of accuracy that is virtually impossible to achieve with other tools.

Are you looking to test video and audio content? Our online Engagement Meter™ enables respondents to provide continuous feedback whilst watching and listening to your video and audio content – delivering rich insights in answer to your marketing questions. Our bespoke tool measures the ability of audio and visual footage to engage your target audience in an objective way. It provides a cheaper and more efficient way of supplying the type of data you would have retrieved from dial testing.


  • The trace
  • The demographic breaks
  • The insight it provides
  • Benchmarking

Our bespoke Engagement Meter™ tool measures the ability of audio and visual footage to engage audiences in an objective way. It is a tool developed for our online surveys that allows respondents to indicate their feelings about content as they watch it.

How does it work?

Respondents use the arrow keys on their keyboard to indicate how much they like or dislike the content they’re currently viewing or listening to. The output is data (which can be filtered on any demographic or target) ‘traced’ over the video, so you can quickly navigate to key areas.

Simply send us your video or audio content and we’ll upload it to the Engagement Meter™. It will then be embedded in one of our online surveys. It is also HTML5 so it works across all browsers.

It’s seen specific advances in its development including bars at both sides for peripheral vision, HTML 5 compatibility, tablet compatibility and benchmarking data. It can be used in our online surveys or can stand alone in your own system.

Who uses it?

Developed in-house our Engagement Meter™ has been tried and tested with thousands of campaigns. We work with some of the biggest brands, agencies and media owners in the UK and have utilised our Engagement Meter™ to deliver high quality, actionable data.

We’ve used this tool thousands of times to cost-effectively:

  • Measure advertising creativity through real-time responses to TV commercials
  • Evaluate pilot TV shows
  • Screen test new presenters

Click the images below to view our Engagement Meter™ & Analyser tool.

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