‘Tis the season – or is it?

13 November 2018

In what seems like the blink of an eye we’ve gone from laid-back summer nights to driving home from work in the pitch black, waking up to ice cold mornings and desperately trying to hunt down those elusive gloves hiding at the back of the wardrobe.

I always think early November presents us with a big dilemma. Getting out of bed in the morning and rushing to get on as many layers as possible and every year forgetting how cold it gets hits me hard, but at least all the perks of the Christmas season are just around the corner.

Even with the news discussing upcoming snow and a freezing winter, I immediately forget the stress of the beast from the east and can’t wait for snowy walks and nights in front of the fire. Looking forward to Christmas markets, the party season and driving to the garden centre for our Christmas tree makes me feel better about dragging myself to a spin class on a cold November night – I’m hoping it’s nearly time to start eating unlimited amounts of chocolate and blaming it on Christmas.

But when is it too early to buy the Christmas cat collar and reindeer ears and get the Christmas tunes on in the office? With the Christmas ads starting to fall thick and fast, there’s only so long you can stave off the festive spirit.

Whether it’s the weather, high street Christmas windows, Kevin the Carrot or the taste of a gingerbread latte, we all have our own festive catalyst. Are you decking the halls mid – November or bah humbug until Christmas Eve? What puts you in the holiday mood?

Our Research Director’s suggestion of Christmas songs this morning was met to a resounding no in the office, so maybe we have a few weeks to go yet!