Friday Insights: Watch your tone!

31 January 2020

We always seem to be just one email away from the next marketing comms article on brand voice – 5 steps to finding your brand voice, establishing brand voice, 3 steps to making your brand human with voice. These articles tend to be centred around key themes of attitudes, values and personality traits of the brand– but what about thinking more literally – if your brand were to strike up a conversation with a consumer, how would, or how should it sound?

The truth is, many people have strong opinions when it comes to different accents: ‘Geordies are friendly!’, ‘French is so sexy!’. These are of course subjective, but one thing is obvious – accents come with perceptions, and often pretty strong ones. Tapping into this may just be the key to having an impactful conversation with your target audience, and finding your (literal) brand voice.

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