Field & Fab expands CATI unit to 50 seats

15 February 2012

Fieldwork specialist Field & Fab has announced the opening of its new, in-house CATI unit.

he new unit consists of 50 dedicated CATI stations which use the latest computer aided telephone interviewing (CATI) Software. The company currently employs 100 CATI staff in total, all trained to MRS standards in accordance with the company’s ISO 9001 quality standard. The new CATI unit has been introduced in response to increasing demand for field and tab services across the company’s expanding national and international client base.

Field & Fab also has a network of over 600 UK fieldworkers and uses advanced research techniques including electronic data collection for face to face interviewing. This enables data to be collected and analysed quickly and efficiently giving clients the ability to react instantly to research findings – potentially delivering key results on the day they are collected.

Field & Fab is dedicated to providing fast, flexible solutions to organisations that require support with their CATI or field interviewing phase of their research projects. The business is led by Managing Director Ivor Knox who has nearly 20 years of experience, including 5 years in a CATI centre and well over a decade as a client-facing researcher coordinating major survey programmes across a wide range of sectors.

Ivor Knox, Managing Director says: “Despite the large volume of market research which has now moved online, we are experiencing significant and sustained growth in demand for traditional data collection methods, and anticipate offering interviewer-administered fieldwork for many years to come.”

Press coverage of the expansion can be found at Research Live and MRWEB.

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