Environmental Insights

19 July 2018

With environmental issues at the forefront of the news, we spoke to our panel respondents about their views.

The general public are holding large businesses to account, looking to them to take responsibility for tackling environmental issues, highlighting an opportunity to gain consumer trust. 9 in 10 feel big businesses are responsible for tackling environmental problems. 1 in 2 were prepared to pay more for environmentally friendly products. 39% would like to be involved in making a difference… our Aspiring Environmentalists! 17% are currently involved with trying to make a difference. Introducing Aspiring Environmentalists. 7 in 10 always recycle and 9 in 10 travel sustainably at least some of the time. A significantly higher proportion of this group were worried about the future of the environment compared to the total sample (65% vs. 53%). 90% agreed human health and the health of the environment are linked. 3 ways to connect. GREAT JOB. Aspiring Environmentalists want to be involved in making a difference and they don’t realise they already are! They take small everyday steps with sustainable travel and recycling already solid parts of their routines. Help them recognise they’re doing a great job already by using positive reinforcement to motivate them to take the next step in their path to environmental activism. HEALTH. Linking up the connection between human health and the health of the environment could peak this group’s interest and work to develop their engagement with the cause. HARD-HITTING. Concern and worry for the future is a strong motivation in their desire to get involved. Hard hitting content, a Blue Planet approach, could inspire them to take their everyday contributions to the next level. Reach out to them online. Aspiring Environmentalists were significantly more likely to prefer to learn about issues via Facebook, YouTube & Instagram compared to the total sample. Data for this survey was collected through DRG’s in-house online panel, Panelbase, from a self-selected sample of 1,000 members of the general public.

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