Donors Deciphered

8 November 2016

UPDATE: The full report can be found here.

We all know that of late there has been a lot of negative press about charities, their communication and fundraising practices. Well here at Public Knowledge we felt it was time to be positive. We work with charities on a daily basis and felt it was time to give something back. With easy access to members of the UK public through our online panel, we thought, what better way to support the sector than speaking to our panellists about current feelings towards charities and their communications. This research will indicate what supporters (and those who have recently turned away) are looking for from charities to rebuild trust…so crucial to the donor-charity relationship.

Over the summer we spoke to 5,000 members of our panel and next week we’ll be publishing our report of the findings which reveals handing over more control of communications is key.

And this could be even more crucial to the donors of the future…young, optimistic, a reactive and spontaneous group in terms of giving.