Condemned Youth

8 December 2011

Do you want to know what the youth of today are really thinking and feeling? What effect their prospects and attitudes have on consumer brands? If so, then we have the answers.


A fascinating piece of social insight as featured in Marketing Week.


To discover what 18-24’s are really like and how a changing socio-economic climate and increased class polarisation impacts on what they buy now and in the future.


We surveyed 1,000 18-24 year olds using a mix of both quantitative and qualitative research techniques. We utilised our in-house panel, Panelbase, and engaged respondents via online micro communities, photo diaries and filmed face to face interviews.

The Results:

The young people we surveyed fit into 5 distinct segments or clusters – ‘Go Getters’, ‘Passive Massive’, ‘Cotton Wool Kids’, ‘Shundergrads’ and ‘Minimum Rage’ and what we discovered about them was fascinating.

  • Many are rejecting a degree and choosing a vocational path instead
  • Most have aspirations
  • Some are very ambitious
  • There’s no longer one set of brands that are everyday and aspirational for all

If you’d like to discuss the results of this research in more depth and discover how it may be useful for you, then please do get in touch.