Boiler Plan: Customer and Potential Customer Research

We conducted a mixed-methods research project for Boiler Plan UK to understand customer priorities, needs and expectations when researching and buying a new boiler

DRG completed a mixed-methods research project commissioned by Boiler Plan UK.  The objectives were to understand customer priorities, needs and expectations when researching and buying a new boiler as well as reviewing the current website offer and helping Boiler Plan to develop a new proposition.

To answer these research questions, we set up an online survey of past boiler purchasers alongside four focus groups split into Boiler Plan customers and other boiler purchasers. This approach allowed us to explore perceptions of customers, their satisfaction levels and experiences of Boiler Plan as well as investigate wider market needs. Both the questionnaire and the two discussion guides for the focus groups were written in partnership with Boiler Plan to fully assess the key areas they were most interested in researching.

The mixed-methods nature of this project led to rich and detailed findings. Using this data, we developed a full insight report bringing together findings of both the quantitative and qualitative research which covered customer/website feedback, purchase journeys, past experiences and important factors in decision making. We also presented the results to Boiler Plan in person and provided recommendations to help shape their proposition and develop their offer based on customer needs.

“DRG and the team were very responsive to the initial enquiry and went the extra mile to not just understand the research brief and outcomes but to understand how our business works. They delivered a very comprehensive project in a very short timescale with excellent post project reporting and feedback. I would have no hesitation in recommending them or using them again.”

Alison Cairns, Digital & marketing Director, Boiler Plan UK

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