Angus Webb, Director of DRG and Founder of Panelbase

14 April 2020

It is with immense sadness that we announce that the Managing Director of Panelbase, Angus Webb, has passed away from COVID-19.

No words can express the feeling of devastation we all feel at the loss of our “Gentle Giant.”

Angus joined Panelbase’s parent company, DRG, over 17 years ago as a graduate. He rose through the business to become MD of Panelbase. He was hugely influential in the business. Panelbase was his vision; he launched it in 2005. He played an enormous part in the Panelbase/DRG family in so many ways and, of course, he always the last to leave a party!

Angus became a highly-respected figure in the panel industry; both within the UK and Worldwide.

We’ve received over 500 emails of condolence from across the Globe. Here are just some of the words used to describe him in those emails: Professional, hard-working, loyal, friend, passionate, mentor, expert in his field, clever, dedicated, just a great man, absolute pleasure to work with and of course “Gentle Giant.”

Angus was a true leader in every sense of the word and we will all miss him. Panelbase/DRG will not be the same with his passing.

At some point later this year, once people are allowed to congregate again, we will give him the send-off he so rightly deserves. He has left us at such a young age but achieved so much.

Stay safe from all at Panelbase.

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