Full Stack Developer

Job Title: Full Stack Developer
Date posted:
Hexham, Northumberland (20 miles west of Newcastle upon Tyne)
[email protected]

Role requirements:

Maintain, support and develop a diverse suite of on-premise and cloud based tools supporting a leading market research company.

Ability to work over a wide range of .NET technologies, both on web, desktop and server.

Working practices:

As part of the development team you are expected to:

  • Work both collaboratively and autonomously within the DevOps team
  • Confidently work over the entire web development stack, delivering well designed responsive interfaces backed by secure efficient back-end server code.
  • Understand and work to high standards of software design principles, life cycle, practices and standards.
  • Produce well commented and tested code within our source control platform
  • Maintain a good level of documentation to support the platforms you help develop
  • Help develop and create processes to improve code uptime, maintainability, testability and business value that aid in the delivery of the Scrum/Agile framework
  • Maintain a good level of understanding in the programming languages, platforms and systems used
  • Elicit new requirements, capture bug reports, support and work with the product owner, management and team members throughout the business.
  • Work with the product owner on developing the requirements/features of Full Stack deliverable solutions
  • Ability to deliver interfaces that are both efficient and usable

Languages & Skills:

We currently use the following languages and frameworks as part of the delivery of products.

You must have strong skills in the following technologies:

  • Familiarity with Visual Studio development workflow
  • Frontend development
    • HTML5 & CSS
    • JavaScript & popular libraries (jQuery, etc)
    • Javascript and CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap, JQuery UI, etc)
    • Knowledge of responsive design principles
  • Backend development in Microsoft .Net Framework
    • C#
    • NET Web Pages
    • T-SQL
    • WebAPI

It would be nice to have experience in the following technologies:

  • Legacy .NET Features
    • Visual Basic
    • Vanilla ASP
  • Backend development
    • .NET Core
    • MVC
    • Microsoft Azure
  • Frontend development
    • Razor
    • Angular or React
  • DevOps tools
    • Team Foundation Server
    • Sharepoint
    • Graylog
  • Microsoft Technology Stack
    • Windows Server 2016
    • SQL Server
  • Cardboard based interpersonal development platforms
    • Eclipse
    • Scythe

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