Woodland Trust: Product development and testing

During phase one, warm and cold audiences were contacted to review current tree pack and product offerings, identifying areas working well, those needing improvement and to uncover any gaps in the market.

Current pack names, contents and communication methods were discussed via telephone depth interviews and an online survey and this information was presented to the Woodland Trust team at an interim meeting.

The research uncovered potential markets and audiences and Public Knowledge, in collaboration with PR and communications experts DTW, ran a half day workshop with Woodland Trust staff to develop new names and straplines for 2 new packs and 2 existing packs to be taken forward for proposition testing.

To gain a depth of insight as well as the statistical validity from consulting with a larger group, Public Knowledge conducted 36 telephone depth interviews and an online survey (300 responses) to test out the potential packs contents, names and straplines, as well as gaining information on communication preferences of Woodland Trust members and potential audiences. Public Knowledge and DTW fed the insights back to Woodland Trust at a final debrief session to inform the development of the launch and relaunch of the tree packs and products.

“I would particularly like to thank Public Knowledge for the work they did for us. They interpreted the brief beautifully which enabled us to get such valuable results back. They were always on time and very collaborative when it came to making amends to questionnaires. They presented the information back to us in a friendly and easy to understand way; Sophie had been involved in actually doing the research so was able to add additional value on the feedback sessions which was great to have. I would happily recommend Public Knowledge to anyone looking for market research.”

Ruth Marshall | Project Manager | Woodland Trust

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