Womankind Worldwide: Audience Engagement

We delivered an audience engagement project for Womankind Worldwide to help inform their communication strategy going forward.

We tackled this research via a two-staged approach, blending quantitative and qualitative methods to fully understand the audience’s views.

The initial stage of the research was delivered through a robust online survey of 1,000 females who were warm to supporting charities and via an online survey sent to Womankind’s donor database. A segmentation analysis was conducted on the results which identified new potential audiences for Womankind going forward. With current donors such a crucial part of the Womankind family we also conducted depth interviews with core donors to gain insights on their motivations to support and feedback on the current communications received.

Womankind Worldwide used the insights from this stage to develop key messages and straplines for their fundraising and brand marketing strategies.

The second stage of research tested out these key messages amongst donors and those aligned to the Womankind cause amongst the public, identified by the segmentation, to understand which messaging was the most effective, engaging and likely to encourage support. A mixed methodology was used consisting of focus groups, telephone depth interviews and an online survey. The focus groups were held with targetable segments in London and Manchester, the depth interviews were conducted with Womankind donors and the online survey utilised both our in-house online panel and Womankind’s donor database. This methodology allowed a number of messages to be tested with rich detailed feedback complimented with statistically robust results.

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