Volunteer Reading Help: Annual pupil survey

Volunteer Reading Help (VRH) is a national charity that helps disadvantaged children develop a love of reading and learning. VRH recruits and train volunteers to work with children aged 6-11 who find reading a challenge and may need extra support and mentoring.

VRH were providing help to 4000 children in 1000 schools through 1500 volunteers in England. VRH conducted a pupil survey at the end of each academic year. The survey was completed by teachers and was an objective assessment of the progress made by the children in their class who were helped by VRH volunteers. The information provided VRH with vital data on the difference volunteers made to the children they helped. Public Knowledge was commissioned to conduct the Volunteer Reading Help survey.

Postal questionnaires were sent out to Head Teachers at all 1000 schools supported by VRH along with a covering letter explaining the purposes of the research and a free return envelope. Surveys were returned to our offices using our freepost address, for input. In order to maximise response rates 2 reminder communications were sent out. Furthermore non-responders were also contacted via telephone to encourage them to complete and return the survey.

Out of the 1000 schools contacted, 410 returned complete surveys amounting to a response rate of 41%. After all the returned questionnaires had been input the data was quality checked and all open responses coded. Tables were compiled including pre-agreed cross breaks to allow for analysis between different regions and other key factors. Reporting on the data consisted of a national report and sixteen individual branch summaries. The results from the survey were used to improve the services VRH provided to the schools and the children they were helping.

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