Traidcraft: Product development research

Traidcraft were planning to launch a new range of household cleaning products (a first in terms of carrying a Fairtrade Mark), and needed to check that the proposed brand names, straplines and designs appealed to a cross-section of consumers.

There was a need for the marketing team at Traidcraft to check the preferred name and design route against possible alternatives to ensure that the opportunity for the unique range of products was maximised.

We conducted an online survey of 300 target consumers (utilising our high quality online panel, Panelbase). The research used a national representative sample of shoppers who are buyers of “eco-friendly/green” or “fair trade” products (the likely buyers of the new product range).

The research findings highlighted some issues with potential product names and helped to clarify the naming and strapline route. The research also highlighted the relative importance of certain key messages on the packs which were emphasised in the final design. Overall the research indicated strong consumer support for the product range giving Traidcraft the confidence to invest in the range launch.

“The research enabled us to clarify our product launch in terms of product name and brand design elements, and gave us several important consumer insights in terms of the consumer’s attitude to our new product proposition, which our sales team have been able to use to support the selling process. They were timely and professional in their execution of the research and John brought his market knowledge to the debrief to help us use the research insights to guide key business decisions.”

Product Marketing Manager, Traidcraft Ltd.

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