Basis Research: Tesco carrier bag study

Tesco announced that from the end of August 2017 they will stop selling “single-use” 5p carrier bags in its UK stores, instead offering shoppers reusable “Bags for Life” costing 10p. Tesco hopes the move will cut bag sales, therefore reducing litter and the amount of waste sent to landfill.

For 10 weeks Tesco trialled the removal of single use carrier bags across 3 locations; Dundee, Aberdeen and Norwich. field & fab were commissioned to conduct face-to-face exit interviews in order to understand the response from customers.

Over the course of 7 days we conducted 700 8-10 minute interviews using iPads, with a mix of weekday and weekend interviewing, and a spread of hours throughout the day. Our interviewers carried out between 4-6 shifts a day across convenience stores and large stores in each of the locations.

Interviews discussed areas such as whether shoppers thought the removal of single-use carrier bags was a negative or positive change and whether they felt it should be implemented. Respondents were also asked for their opinions about Bags for Life. Throughout the research project we provided the client with interim triple-s data files as well as verbatim reports for open-ended questions.

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