Sunderland City Council: Perceptions of Sunderland

Public Knowledge were commissioned by Sunderland City Council to assess North East residents’ perceptions of Sunderland according to five key factors - Sunderland as a place to work, visit, study, live and as a place to do business.

A 5 minute questionnaire was designed by Public Knowledge in collaboration with Sunderland City Council and a Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) methodology was selected as most appropriate to interview respondents from Tyne and Wear (excluding Sunderland), Northumberland, County Durham and Tees Valley. Contact data was sourced from a combination of data extracted from our in-house panel of registered members and bought in BT data and in total 500 interviews were conducted with quotas on location, age and gender to ensure a representative spread.

Analysis and reporting revealed that respondents who have visited, lived, worked, done business and studied in Sunderland generally hold more positive opinions of the area. Further marketing of Sunderland across the North East will now be undertaken to help improve perceptions of the area which can then be compared to this benchmark in the future.

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