Steer Davies Gleave: West Yorkshire Bus Users Study

This research was used by Steer Davies Gleave to value bus improvements in West Yorkshire.

The project used a variety of survey methodologies including 600 online panel interviews with fare paying respondents, 200 face-to-face interviews with concessionary respondents, and 300 online interviews recruited via postcard distribution with fare paying respondents.

Online respondents were aged 16+ and had used a bus in West Yorkshire within the last month (a mixture of leisure, business and commuting travellers). Face-to-face interviews were conducted at Leeds Bus Station with interviewer shifts running between 10am – 4pm, whilst the postcard distribution took place in Leeds and Halifax and distributor shifts ran between 7am-1pm and 1pm-7pm. We also conducted a 2-day pilot with 3 interviewers and a supervisor in order to test productivity levels with this new target audience, and to assess the effectiveness of an incentive.

Deliverables for the project included SPSS data files, topline figures (summarising responses to each question), a live weblink to the online survey and photos/distribution reports for the face-to-face interviews and postcards.

“We have worked with Field & Fab over the last two years to value bus improvements using online panel, postcard recruitment and face- to-face interview methodologies. The team are always responsive and willing to help, and any issues have been resolved quickly. We’ve been happy with the level of service we have received and would have no hesitation in recommending Field & Fab to others.”

Caroline Johnson | Principal Consultant | Steer Davies Gleave

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