Radiocentre: Staying Connected During the COVID-19 Crisis

We explore how the coronavirus crisis has changed listening behaviour in the short-term

Radiocentre commissioned DRG to explore how the coronavirus crisis has changed listening behaviour in the short-term. Among a sample of more than 1,000 commercial radio listeners, the findings show that the ‘newly working from home’ i.e. those who normally work at an employer’s premises but are now working from home, are the real driving force behind the increase in radio listening, with 45% of this group listening to more radio now – on average for an additional two hours each day. The data suggests that listeners are generally more in need of radio to help them cope with being marooned at home.

The research, Staying Connected During the COVID-19 Crisis, explores the reasons behind the huge jump in listening and how radio is keeping people connected even while isolated. With many stuck inside under lockdown in the UK, 90% percent of respondents agreed that commercial radio kept them in touch with the outside world, while a similar number agreed it kept them informed (89%). A further 84% – possibly missing regular social activities – said that radio keeps them company.

Confidence in radio as a source of news was also a recurring reason for tuning in, with ‘it delivers trusted news’ cited by 68% and ‘I trust the news on radio more than other sources’ by 51%.

“DRG has helped us to capture valuable insights on media consumption during a period of disruption. The team of experts at DRG were professional, responsive, flexible and, as ever, a pleasure to work with.”
Kamilah Kamara, Insight Manager, Radiocentre

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