Red Brick Road: MaxDiff simulation for Suzuki

DRG worked with Red Brick Road to inform the design of Suzuki's aftersales care loyalty programme

Red Brick Road were working with Suzuki to assess the design of an aftersales care loyalty programme that would be compelling to current Suzuki customers and the wider market. We conducted a quantitative project to help inform how the scheme could be designed most successfully.

We used an online survey, sourcing participants from Suzuki’s database and Panelbase, our online panel. To measure the relative attractiveness of many potential rewards, we incorporated a MaxDiff exercise which was designed and implemented by our Data Science team. Our deliverables included an interactive simulator tool showing the results of the MaxDiff analysis with filters for subgroups of interest.

The results from this study helped to clarify which rewards would be most likely to engender loyalty to a programme of this nature.

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