Radiocentre: Radio The Online Multiplier

We were asked to investigate how exposure to radio advertising influences online browsing behaviour. Given our experience of the consumer purchase funnel, and the role different media play at different stages, we had a pretty good idea.

How we went about testing our hypothesis was the biggest challenge. We therefore embarked on a ground-breaking research approach.

We surveyed over 1,800 respondents and collected detailed radio listening diaries. We then combined this information with J-ET (Jicrit) ad campaign data, allowing us to see which respondents had been exposed to specific radio campaigns. We also had each respondent install a bespoke piece of software, which captured detailed browser history files from their PCs. By correlating browser history data to ad exposure, the RAB were therefore able to quantify the ability of radio advertising to drive actual (not recalled) brand-related web-surfing behaviour.

The results were eye-opening: exposure to radio advertising boosts brand browsing by 52%; radio advertising has an immediate effect on browsing behaviour; creativity is crucial in delivering optimum effect.

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