OMD: Face-to-face projects

OMD have commissioned Field & Fab to conduct a considerable number of face-to-face projects for a well-known technology client, ranging from long-running trackers to one-off event measures.

We have conducted a monthly face-to-face tracker (250 interviews per month) in and around Old Street Roundabout, in order to gauge awareness and response to different advertising campaigns. Data tables are delivered to the client after each of the waves of research. This project was commissioned after an initial pilot study and we are currently in the project’s third year.

Another project for the same end client saw us conduct 2 waves (pre and post) of 5 minute face-to-face interviews with parents of children aged 0-12 who were seeing a family focused film and were present in the cinema for the adverts. 300 interviews were conducted per wave across 2 cinemas, one in Manchester and one in London. The aim of the research was to evaluate the performance of cinema activity (a 60 second ad) that was being used to promote a new product. The survey measured brand awareness, consideration, product understanding and ad recall.

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