O2: SIMply International

O2 selected artists from around the globe to create visuals representing the different countries included in their International SIM campaign.

The aim was to really engage with O2‘s target audience and communicate their value proposition. To ensure they were on track, they wanted to quickly test and refine the visuals before the campaign launched.

We deployed interviewers with iPads in boroughs of London rich in people with different ethnic backgrounds. Using iPads meant the different survey routes were handled dynamically and efficiently, visuals could be displayed clearly, and data uploaded from the field for access in real-time.

The research quickly identified which imagery was most closely associated with the different countries and gave a clear steer on which visuals worked as they were and which could benefit from additional refinement.

“This research gave us exactly what we needed – quick, reliable and actionable feedback on our creative among a hard-to-reach target audience”

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