North East SHA: New Life, New Life Well-Being

Focus groups were conducted on behalf of the North East SHA and the New Leaf, New Life Well-Being Programme to gain insight and to aid the development of social marketing material for various support programmes.

Specifically these were Regional Weaning, General Mental Health, Community Health and What’s Cooking Kids. In addition to the focus groups in-depth interviews were conducted with local businesses concerning the programme Mental Health First Aid.

As part of this research Public Knowledge spoke with a broad range of people across the North East including primary school children from 4 schools who were recruited via the project lead in the What’s Cooking Kids programme.

Two Regional Weaning Programme focus groups were conducted with a combination of new mothers and mothers with more than one child in order to gain an understanding of the different experiences.

Finally, to explore weaning further and to assess issues relevant to both mental health and community health, health professionals was recruited through a medical consultant rather than a group recruiter in order to ensure familiarity with the specific guidelines health professionals need to abide by when conducting market research.

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