Manning Gottlieb OMD: Traffic free shopping event research

London’s West End is the world’s top shopping destination. In order to make its unique mix of shops, restaurants and theatres even more popular, a number of traffic free shopping events were promoted.

We conducted a total of 1,320 interviews across 6 traffic free shopping events in order to find out how much shoppers enjoyed the day, what they knew about it and how much they spent. Upmarket high street shoppers are normally averse to anyone with a clipboard and so, to manage data collection with this challenging audience, we used our dedicated London team of directly managed, MRS and IQCS trained interviewers.

The results showed that the traffic free events were really popular. Shoppers felt more relaxed in the traffic free environment and it promoted a safe and fun atmosphere. Importantly, self-assessed spend amongst visitors during the events was also considerably higher than it would be on a normal shopping trip.

“When it comes to choosing a research specialist that can provide all the resources, are reliable and cost effective, I always contact Dipsticks.”

Senior Insight Executive, Manning Gottlieb OMD

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