Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Network: Cancer awareness research

Public Knowledge were commissioned by the Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Network to conduct research to assess cancer awareness amongst front-line staff members employed by Central Lancashire Primary Care Trust, North Lancashire Primary Care Trust and Lancashire County Council.

The CAM was designed to assess cancer awareness in residential samples and this was the first time that the measure had been adapted to examine cancer awareness in a professional sample using a telephone methodology.

This research was crucial because in order for early preventive care to be effective it is vital that front-line staff recognise the symptoms of cancer, pro-actively work to make their patients aware of them and ensure that appropriate action is taken when a person displaying possible symptoms of cancer comes under their care (e.g. GP referral).

In total 671 interviews were conducted using a Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) methodology by experienced business-to-business interviewers. The results showed that while cancer awareness in front-line staff members was notably higher in comparison to the data that Public Knowledge had collected from residential samples, there was still room for improvement and the research was crucial in helping the Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Network compile training to help further educate staff.

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