Kavli: Brand re-design

The Primula team needed to understand the consumer preference for a range of new product design options and the effectiveness of key brand communication messages.

The research included a number of different designs and brand messages, and as this was a significant change it was important to understand the response relative to the current design.

The research was undertaken using an online survey of 300 target consumers (utilising our high quality online panel Panelbase), 150 Primula buyers and 150 other cheese spread consumers. In the survey consumers were shown a series of different design options and messages and asked to indicate their effectiveness on a number of measures, and to indicate their overall preferences.

This research highlighted the favoured design elements and some important areas for design changes which helped the Primula team towards their final new design. This new design was researched again using a similar methodology to check that the final design was well received by the target consumer, ensuring a successful product packaging redesign.

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