Intersnack: POM-BEAR

Intersnack, owners of the POM-BEAR kids snack brand wanted to gain an understanding of the preferred flavour concept for a future product launch.

They wanted to research mothers of children aged 6-10 and also the children themselves. Using our online panel, Panelbase we designed and implemented an online survey which was constructed to enable mothers to complete the survey followed immediately by their child. The survey was designed to maximise engagement from the children, using child friendly graphics and pictures (e.g. various levels of smiley face to indicate level of satisfaction).

The research gave a clear preference for a future snack flavour from mothers and perhaps more interestingly a clear (and different!) preference from their children. Although a relatively straight forward piece of research it demonstrated our capability to deliver parent and child research online and to be able to engage children to deliver meaningful research findings.

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