Christian Aid: Volunteer Evaluation

Christian Aid is a Christian organisation dedicated to the eradication of the causes of poverty and social injustice globally. Christian Aid Week is a pivotal part of Christian Aid’s fundraising calendar, and the charity’s team of volunteers are an essential part of the success of this major annual fundraising drive.

As such, it is unsurprising that Christian Aid is keen to ensure that they continue to really nurture their volunteers who play an essential part in Christian Aid Week every year. In order to take the temperature of their volunteers Christian Aid commissioned Public Knowledge to design and administer a self-completion questionnaire which would explore volunteers’ experience of Christian Aid Week.

Public Knowledge processed and analysed 685 responses. Following data analysis a detailed report was produced which will help Christian Aid continue to provide both the resources and local support that best motivates their volunteers, and also the media, advertising and PR activity that best inspires them.

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