Channel 5: Big Brother Product Placement

For several years we've worked with Channel 5 on their key programme brand, Big Brother.

When product placement was introduced, we carried out a large-scale project to investigate how effective it was. We used neuroscience to find out if viewers had a better relationship with the promoted brands, as well as eye tracking to test viewers’ focus on the relevant brands.

More recently, we have been involved in creating a Celebrity Big Brother online community, which was created to discuss every element of the programme. Themed discussions are used alongside mini-polls, diaries and open conversations amongst the community members. It has proved invaluable to Channel 5 by providing genuine in-the-moment insight into their viewers.

“When researching product placement for Big Brother they used some new more innovative methodologies including eye tracking and neuroscience which enabled us to gain a detailed insight into the effectiveness of the campaign. Their understanding of TV research and the team’s enthusiasm and professionalism are invaluable and I have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.” Head of Planning & Insight, Channel 5

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