Bauer: Online testing a radio master playlist

Our library test for Bauer’s regional FM stations was conducted across 8 different locations. For each location, we used our proprietary online music testing tool to find out listeners' opinions about several music montages and tracks.

The survey was structured so respondents took part in a screener and montage section, followed by 8 surveys that tested 90 tracks. It was important to design a test that would minimise respondent fatigue and retain their attention throughout the whole project.

“The results were spot on. The results on most songs were consistent with our expectations which not only gave us confidence in the methodology but also meant we could make the necessary playlist changes without any second guessing. We also uncovered a handful of tracks that we weren’t currently playing that our target audience liked plus we identified a few tracks that they were tired of hearing that we needed to rest. The proof of course will come in the following weeks and months.”

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