BALTIC: Non-visitor perceptions and campaign evaluation

Public Knowledge undertook a small sample of online interviews on behalf of Gateshead's BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art through part of their B-Partnership scheme.

This research explored the reasons why people within a one hour drive radius of the BALTIC had not chosen to visit the Centre.

The results of this research were invaluable to BALTIC in terms of subsequent marketing activity to non-visitors. BALTIC chose to focus much of this activity specifically on residents of Gateshead and to focus on the cafe, restaurant, shop and amazing rooftop views, rather than the art itself.

As part of the renewal of the partnership between Public Knowledge and BALTIC, further research was undertaken. In this case a face-to-face street interviewing methodology was used to assess awareness, opinions and interest in the BALTIC following the Gateshead summer marketing campaign described above, using a pre and post stage methodology.


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