Atout France: Western France Ad Campaign Effectiveness Research

We were asked to test the effectiveness of an advertising campaign for Atout France, the French Tourism Development Agency in the UK.

They needed to assess awareness and perceptions of their Western France advertising campaign and get a better idea of how the campaign might encourage holidaymakers to take a short or long break there.

To assess the campaign, 800 online interviews were conducted using our in-house panel, Panelbase. The sample was split evenly between 25-44 year olds and 45-64 year olds (empty nesters). They were asked questions about their typical holiday preference, who they go on holiday with and what has an impact on their holidays. They were also asked questions about the specific regions that the campaign advertised.

The 25-44 year olds who were aware of the campaign were much more positive about Western France than those who hadn’t seen it – this was especially evident when it came to specific factors such as ‘value for money’, ‘beautiful beaches’ and ‘lots of things to do’. The campaign appealed to the younger audience who felt that the area was ‘family friendly’, and the empty nesters who said that the region seemed ‘fun’. Everyone who saw the campaign stated they were more likely to consider holidaying in Western France by a significantly stronger margin than those who didn’t recall.

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