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If you want to know what kids and teens are really thinking, we have the answer…

Our specialist kids and teens panel has over 50,000 6-15 year olds, all ready to engage in your research and provide you with the quality insights you require. We operate a strict ethical policy across all our panels; all our young panellists are recruited and incentivised in accordance with MRS and ESOMAR standards – all members under 16 are opted in by their parent or guardian and rewards paid directly into their parent/guardian’s bank account.

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We carry out cost effective kids and teens market research for various agencies, media owners and brands:

Kids market research – research with 0-12 year olds:

We have over 35,000 engaged 6-12 year olds, all opted in by their parent or guardian and ready to provide you with the insights you require. We frequently achieve an 80% response rate with 6-12 year olds through our bespoke, child friendly surveys. We incorporate films, games and pictures to stimulate interest and ensure we deliver the best quality results. We also have access to 30,000 parents of children aged 0-6 years. We frequently engage with parents of small children, researching everything from new product and pack design to web testing and overall advertising effectiveness.

We can provide you with the sort of tracking that covers every aspect of your brand’s performance – market share, associations, personality, positioning and loyalty – we’ll measure all of it and define a list of KPIs that tie in with your business results. And we can assess your marketing so that it can be measured to record ROI.

Teens market research – research with 13-19 year olds:

We continuously engage with young people, asking what they think, feel and care about across a variety of topics; everything from money, media and religion to politics, sex and brands. We have over 20,000 engaged 13-15 year olds who are ready to give their opinions on and attitudes towards your clients’ brands and those of their competitors. We also have over 22,000 16-19 year olds – we talk their language and communicate on their terms enabling us to deliver detailed, open and honest insights in answer to your clients’ marketing questions.

How in-depth is our profiling on kids and teens?

We profile them on areas of interest that matter to them, and invest a lot of time in the creation of specific kids survey tools. We have a broad range of profiling fields at our disposal, everything from:

  • Which TV channels they watch & on which devices e.g. TV, Smartphone, Tablet
  • Which radio stations they listen to
  • What music genres they listen to & on which devices e.g. iPod, tablet, smartphone
  • Which web video channels they watch
  • What websites they visit

What services can we provide to really find out what kids and teens are thinking?

We provide a vast range of research services to agencies, media owners and brands wishing to target kids and teens as part of their strategic marketing activity.

  • Advertising research
  • Brand tracking
  • Product and concept testing
  • Website and ad testing
  • Social media tracking
  • Shopping behaviour research
  • Usage and attitude studies
  • Bespoke panel management
  • International panels

What innovative research techniques do we use to speak to kids and teens?

We have vast experience in applying a broad range of innovative research techniques to provide the answers your clients need for all their kids and teens marketing questions.

Online surveys

A cost effective way to conduct research but children must be engaged in order for it to be effective. By creating bespoke, child friendly surveys response rates are greatly increased. Films, games and pictures can be incorporated to stimulate interest and ensure quality data results.

Polls and Quick Polls

A great way to help you quickly find out incidences and opinions on one-off questions.

Online forums

A cost effective solution to collecting qualitative data. It allows data to be collected from the child’s home so they feel relaxed, gives them time to consider responses and the opportunity to comment further at a later date due to the longitudinal nature of online forums.

Friendship pairs and trios

Older children give the best responses when in friendship pairs or trios – keeping them comfortable and relaxed. We always carry out qualitative research in home or in a familiar environment and spend time getting to know them before asking any in-depth questions.

Vox pops and Video diaries

Vox Pops and video diaries allow young respondents to answers questions in the comfort of their own home and provide clients with a cost-effective and rich insight into young consumers lives. Video Diaries can be used to document product use as well as other aspects of young people’s everyday lives.

Eye tracking

Records eye movements whilst respondents are looking at a TV Screen or webpage. You can judge how children manage to watch more than one piece of information or content at once or how children look at brands and logos on the screen.


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