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John Raglan

Co-Founder & Chairman

John Raglan was previously a Director of Metro Radio Group, which owned and operated 7 radio stations in the North East and Yorkshire. His main sphere of operation was in sales and marketing in the London marketplace. There, he made his mark as part of a team that formed the hugely successful Radio Advertising Bureau, which subsequently grew radio’s share of advertising revenue from 2% to 9%.

In 1993, John left Metro shortly after its sale to Emap, spending the next 3 years consulting radio groups and other media owners on marketing and revenue development. Recognising an opportunity in media research, John co-founded DRG in 1997. Since then, he has led DRG’s expansion into research for the public sector, charities, brands and tourism organisations – along with providing fieldwork and panels for other research agencies.

From its beginnings around a farmhouse kitchen table, DRG has developed into a top 100 research agency in the UK. John’s aim is to hit top 50 through continued growth.