Welcome to DRG

Most people in the UK who either work in or commission market research will be aware of at least one of our brands – but often only one. If you work in brand research or marketing you will know Dipsticks. If you’re in TV, Radio or Press, you probably hear from Other lines of enquiry. Other market research agencies will generally get their Christmas chocolates from Field and Fab or Panelbase. Public Knowledge knocks on all the doors in the public sector, Explore handles tourism and FMCG Insights does what it says on the tin.

So the chances are that you’re only seeing one part of the bigger DRG picture, hence this site where we can show you what we’re all about. From the NHS to the BBC, the London Olympics to the London Underground, Kavli to Kantar, and America to Australia, DRG brings clarity through insight right across the market research world. Please have a look around, and drop us a note if you’d like a chat about what we could do for you.

Ivor Knox
Managing Director